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About me

Hello, my name is Cecile!

I support people to live their lives and talents freely and to pass this on to others.

For over 20 years I have loved and practiced the deep transforming techniques from yoga and other pathways. For me it is always special how fresh and lively our life becomes. I love to see people grow and develop and I am grateful for everyone I am able to inspire.

In addition to several yoga trainings, I have deepened meditation and intuitive coaching techniques for many years. I am always enthusiastic about absorbing new things, going deeper with them and integrating them into my life. I then pass on the best of my experience in my work in workshops, individual sessions and training.

If you feel that there is much more in you and you want loving support to move forward and to live your talents and gifts to the world, then let's work together.


I look forward to it!


Loka Sangraha - Sanskit for "Doing something good for the world"

I support:

Trees for future: By planting a tree for each participant in my yoga training.

Yoga for Refugees with regular donations.

How I can help you


Individual sessions

In our private sessions (live or via zoom) I share proven techniques from modern coaching, meditation and yoga with you.



I am looking forward to seeing you live or online at one of my yoga, meditation and coaching events. Next event: xx.xx.2021

Yoga Ausbildung Berlin ich Adlerarme.jpg

Self love course

In my self-love course I will teach you how to use self-love to bring well-being, energy and success into your life. Are you in?


What others say:

“I am very grateful for the soul coaching that I have had with Cécile so far. With various tools she supported me energetically and made me strong, we also went deeper and it was amazing what great effects were achieved. I can recommend it to anyone who feels stagnant or is simply looking for orientation or maybe even after his soul business path at all. Thanks so much! "

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