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Soul coaching

Feel supported on your way

If you have been living your life with awareness for a while, then you may know that: Obstacles and strong feelings such as fear or sadness suddenly become too clear. Despite many positive moments, you also experience exhaustion or disorientation. You have an urgent desire for change and a life with deep meaning.

You are not alone with this: These feelings are often part of the “clean-up work” while you are on the way to live your life more freely. You may feel yourself more than before and your sensitivity is the greatest gift. It brings you closer to your own deep truth.

I encourage you to continue on your path, to develop yourself and your talents and to live a life of joy and real connection to yourself and others.

In the sessions I offer you all the techniques from modern coaching, meditation and yoga that have helped myself and others best.

In addition, I connect intuitively with your talents and your path and help you to use your own inner voice as a guide. With each session you also learn techniques that you can easily apply yourself at home. We always work in such a way that you feel encouraged, relaxed and full of energy again afterwards. You will also learn how to use the energy gained for concrete implementation and real, lasting positive changes in your life.


This is how you can work with me in individual sessions:




Ich freue mich auf Dich bei einer Einzelsession.


Hier ein paar Hinweise:


Nach der Buchung machen wir einen Termin aus. Die Session findet nach Deiner Wahl vor Ort oder online per Zoom statt.


Wenn Du – auch in der Vergangenheit – an einer Ausbildung bei mir teilgenommen hast, reduziert sich der Preis auf 100€. Schreib mir in dem Fall vor Buchung eine Mail an

Einzelsessions sind natürlich kein Ersatz für Therapie oder medizinische Begleitung, können diese aber ergänzen.

What others say:

“I am very grateful for the soul coaching that I have had with Cécile so far. With various tools she supported me energetically and made me strong, we also went deeper and it was amazing what great effects were achieved. I can recommend it to anyone who feels stagnant or is simply looking for orientation or maybe even after his soul business path at all. Thanks so much! "

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