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The sequence:

The aim of the self-care evenings is to let yourself shine again - inside and out. You can invite any topic that concerns you to transform yourself or simply use the evenings to increase your energy in general. To do this, we work with very different tools:

  • Meditations: meditative clarification, mantras, connection

  • Pranayama and Breathwork

  • Liberating movement, Tao yoga exercises and individual asanas

  • Yoga Nidra - deep relaxation

  • Journaling

  • Rituals and intention

Meditation is always there and also movement (mostly as an introduction). The other techniques alternate so that each evening has a different focus, a different quality that you can immerse yourself in.

You don't need any previous experience. Put on loose clothing and have a notebook and pen ready. Nothing more is necessary.

Self-care evenings online

Let go, recharge your batteries and be at peace with yourself and the world: With the self-care evenings you can step out of everyday life for a magical moment and then go on strengthened and exhilarated.

If life sometimes feels a bit stressful or you have the feeling that you have to put back your desire for more ease and joy more often, then it is time to take good care of yourself.

Such phases are easy to cope with for a while, but at some point it will be time to get out of it and invite more liveliness and inspiration. The self-care evenings are there to get emotional warmth, enthusiasm and the feminine side flowing again.

We work on all levels with meditations, pranayama and breathwork, journaling and various tools from yoga, modern coaching and the touch of wonder that comes about when we come together with others.

Once a month (always a Wednesday or Thursday) 8-10 pm online via Zoom. (You can book each evening individually.)


The next dates are: October 14th and November 10th.


What self-care means:

Self-care can look very different from setting limits to having fun. It is also a way to live consciously and pay attention to your body and soul before difficulties build up.

What is particularly important and where the evenings support you:

  1. Allow  yourself  to be soft  - feel yourself, let go and breathe deeply

  2. Putting joy first  - joy is what you are at the core

  3. Nourish your inner fire  - increase energy for your goals and visions


To "uplift" for you and more:

When we take care of ourselves, we're not just doing it for ourselves, but it helps everyone around us feel better in the long run.

We must - and may - start with ourselves if we want a more relaxed, happier life for others as well. After moments of self-care, the world looks bright and “doable” again and that is exactly what makes us go in the right direction.

I wish many such moments for you and all of us.

Use the self-care evenings for yourself

Let go of old, constricting feelings, clear up stuck situations, get your energy going and let your soft, feminine parts flow.


Let's have a wonderful time together

I look forward to seeing you in the self-care evenings!

Once a month (always a Wednesday or Thursday). Next dates are: October 14th and November 10th.

Costs: € 22 per evening  (you still have access to the recording of the evening for 2 weeks afterwards)

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