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Self-love mini-course

Let go of self-criticism and doubt. Just relax. Make the right decisions based on self-love. Let your inner and outer beauty shine.

In one way or another, we almost all have to do with a lack of self-love:

Perhaps you tend to blame yourself quickly or to doubt yourself for a long time before starting something new. Or you observe that you keep making the same decisions for things, situations or people that are not good for you ..


Whatever it is with you, the key to a new attitude towards life is self-love.

(Available from September 14, 2021)

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Self-love gives you:

  • A secure basis for all healthy decisions and changes in your life

  • A deep sense of connection with you and others

  • The ability to live and enjoy life according to your needs

Self-love is also the least selfish feeling: only when you accept yourself can you be there

for others in the long term.

In this mini-course you walk the path of self-love in three steps.

  1. Empathize with yourself - Open your heart to yourself and experience deep changes

2. From self-criticism to self-acceptance  - you are enough for who you are

3. Gratitude for the body   - Give your body the love it deserves

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How the course works:

The course has three lessons - one lesson for each step. You can do each lesson at your own pace. In each lesson there are:

A meditation

The meditation is available as text and also as video and audio. Choose what suits you best and let the meditation work on you. You don't have to do anything special or make an effort. Just close your eyes and let the words and inner images of the meditation work on you.

Meditation is there to connect you with self-love on a deep level. We all have the ability to accept ourselves within ourselves and meditation opens the door to that.

An affirmation

The affirmation helps you to permanently anchor the positive change from the meditation. It is so to speak, the shortcut to your self-love. You can repeat the affirmation anytime you find yourself putting yourself under pressure or starting to develop negative thoughts. The affirmation will quickly bring you back into balance and connect you with the basic feeling of self-love.

A ritual

Rituals are one of the deepest ways to come into contact with the laws of nature and thus our life. Rituals have existed for many thousands of years and were, among other things, the very first form of yoga. It doesn't always have to be large, complex ceremonies. Above all, we connect with the power of rituals through small, consciously executed actions and symbols in everyday life.

An exercise - breathing or yoga exercise

Our breath and our body awareness are a mirror of our self-love: When we feel good about ourselves, the breath goes deep and even and the body feels awake and relaxed. Conversely, we can bring ourselves back into a state of self-love particularly well if we bring our breath and body into this state with exercises.


Let's dive deep into self-love together!

Positive change that you wish for in your life gets the necessary momentum through self-love, every decision gains clarity and you also help others to (re) find their own self-love.

I look forward to seeing you on this mini-course!

Your investment: € 14 (available from August 14th)

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