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Process your experiences with this visualization technique

With this visualization you strengthen your ability to process the past and feelings.

When difficult experiences still linger on and weigh on us, we often say “I have a hard time with it”. And often it feels exactly like this: like a heavy lump somewhere in your stomach ...

In fact, we also have to digest experiences well so that we can keep what is valuable and let go of the rest.

In yoga it is said that the seat of physical digestion, i.e. the stomach and intestines, is also the seat of emotional processing. All important transformation processes also take place here. According to yoga, the energy that is at home here moves like a spiral. It is called "Samana Vayu" - the "centered" energy.

This is exactly how we process stressful experiences in a spiral shape:

Apparently the same things keep coming up to us and we think we are going in circles, but in reality there are different layers of the topic and at some point we feel that everything is processed.

That means, especially if you are in a phase in which a lot is changing or if you have just recently broken up or have had a difficult job change behind you, the connection to this energy will help you.

Do something good for yourself and support the processing process with this visualization.

What you visualize:

Sit down so that you can relax for a while. (You can also lean on as long as your back is upright).

Now put a hand on your stomach and feel how the breath moves the abdominal wall here.

Now go inwardly to the experience or feeling that you are still dragging around with you. How does it feel in the body? Can it also be felt in the stomach? Or somewhere else?

For a while, lovingly observe all the sensations that arise.

Then imagine a pleasant, warm light in your abdomen. This light now moves like a spiral in your belly at about the level of the navel.

Imagine how this spiral of light helps you digest on all levels ...

After a while, let this idea go again. Feel it out ... You can trust that this visualization will continue to have an effect and will also support you beyond the meditation time.

Take a deep breath and come back to the here and now.


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