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Meditation for the adrenal glands

How to get out of exhaustion with meditation and recharge your batteries.

Do you often feel tired and somehow powerless? Or do you have the feeling that you can no longer recover properly, even if you take some rest?

It may be because of your adrenal glands.

If the state of tiredness and lack of energy keeps popping up over a long period of time, then it is possible that your adrenal glands are out of whack. Maybe an emotionally stressful time is behind you or you haven't really had space for rest and relaxation for a long time. The adrenal glands react to such stressful phases with an increased release of cortisol. This stress hormone is important so that we have enough energy available during exercise. However, if the increased secretion of cortisol lasts too long, at some point the adrenal glands will no longer be able to meet the need for cortisol. One then speaks of “adrenal fatigue” or “adrenal fatigue”. Symptoms can be:

- frequent tiredness and exhaustion

- Weight gain, especially on the abdomen and face

- Difficulty concentrating

But even if there are no symptoms yet, we should take good care of our adrenal glands:

The kidneys with the adrenal glands are considered in Chinese medicine and in yoga styles such as Tao Yoga or Yin Yoga as the "root of life energy". If we manage to relax well again after stressful phases, then thank us by constantly supplying us with life force.

With this meditation you can consciously supply your adrenal glands with loving attention in times of internal or external stress.


Sit comfortably and upright. This can be sitting cross-legged on the floor with a pillow or on a chair.

Place your right hand on your heart and the back of your left hand on your middle back, roughly where your ribs meet your waist. Feel your breath for a while and how it moves your chest under your right hand ...

Then feel the breath moving your back under your left hand ...

Realize that under your left hand in your body are your adrenal glands. Internally establish a connection between your heart and your adrenal glands.

Send compassion to your adrenal glands now. Compassion for what they do for you ... stick with it and feel the compassion flow from your heart to your adrenal glands.

Do this for as long as you feel comfortable. Then take a deep breath in and out and end the meditation.


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